Friday, September 4, 2015

Masculine card

...the bane of my existence!

Hi there!
I have a big problem when it comes to masculine cards! They are just soooo difficult! And then of course, I got an order to make one riiiight around late evening before it was needed.. I will admit I was a bit tipsy in the evening and so I decided to wait til morning to make the card. Thank god the order was for a card like this, and they are really quick to make - like 30-40 minutes!

Grattis = swedish for congrats :)
Letters from Tim Holtz Word Play-die, aluminum tape from the hardware store, a couple impressions of a few pens and some black acrylic paint! Oh, and a few up-side-down sequins in there too! I've made a bunch of these, with different words on them, and my son has one above his bed too, with his name on it.

Today, I had a super crafty moment - decided to do a one-sheet-wonder to challenge myself, and it actually turned into a 2-sheet wonder, but I'll try to get each card individually photographed tomorrow, for your viewing pleasure.. Was so much fun, but took a lot longer than I had anticipated.. Good thing Netflix was invented, right? :D

I'm off to have a little tea, and nurse my cold! 


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