Saturday, August 8, 2015

Partly returned mojo - wohoo!

Hey there,
So I finally remembered to take pics of a finished project! Almost think it's worth a gold star, or maybe just a glass of wine later..!

Without further ado:

Made this one for brother's birthday (as per usual, finished it about 2 hours before going to his party) and strangely enough everything fell into place quite easily! Mind you, this simple creation still took me over 2 hours to figure out, choosing papers and what-not, but no part of it felt forced!

I was planning this card throughout the week, and decided to use the new Tim Holtz adventure-word-die-set-thingamajig.. What words, you might ask? Yes, I spent an evening cutting out words in white 4cc, colouring them in different hues of green with Promarkers, and then doing a "faux-metal wash"-thing with watered down silver-metallic acrylic paint, only to change my mind and go with my wine-stamps instead!

Well, the Lol stamps set is NBUS (never-before-used-schtuff) and it has been calling to me! The papers are Portobello Rd. and the 2-sided one is something from my scraps box.. 

Will be returning soon again - have another card to work on, and just hope I can remember to take pics this time - haha!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Still alive and kicking ;)

Good Morning!

Just a quick pop-in to apologise for not posting anything for ages! Summer is superbusy and fiancé is on vacation now as well, so we're living it up with our son instead of sitting at computer all day :)

Soon enough lives will return to normal.. Have even managed to make a couple of projects lately, but what I don't understand is how I can forget to take pics!! Oh well, will be returning with the few pics I do have.. 

Can't wait to be back! See you soon!