Saturday, September 5, 2015

One sheet wonders - yay!

Hi there,

I was scrolling along facebook the other day and saw a post in the enabling group asking for some one-sheet-wonder templates. You should've seen the lightbulb that dinged to life above my head! I remember having seen a few posts about it numerous times, and never remembering how to search for it again, so it was an idea that I kept losing. 

This time I decided to make sure I find them again, so wrote it down instantly, and then turned to pinterest and google-searches! Almost fell off my chair, there were so many different templates! So as a warming-up kind of thing I decided to go with this one by the very talented Julee Tilman.

It actually shows sketches of how to assemble the cards too, so super easy! I had an issue though, since it calls for a sheet of doublesided 6" paper, and I only have onesided ones. Oh well, took 2 sheets and ended up making a double set! This kicks off my Christmas card-making too!

I was stunned at how long it took to make those in the end! However, Mr Murphy was having a field day, watching me cut up the papers, and only afterwards realising I don't have a matting paper that would work with the red of the DP, or a paper to emboss that would still work with the light gray of the other DP.. Decided: "sod it" and went with a much darker red, and my usual 4cc 200gsm for embossing. I really love how it works with embossing folders! 

Next problem was the gray paper, decided to ink the edges, except my very limited Distresses didn't have a nice subtle tone for this - so out came the Promarkers, and off I went, adding some cool gray 4 on the edges. 

It was an adventure, but I prevailed! And now I have 8 cards ready for Christmas card season - yay! 

Will see if I can snag a few minutes to myself today, and maybe tackle a 12" one sheet wonder template too! And will try to snatch single pictures of the lot as well, and will edit them in here!


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