Thursday, April 16, 2015

I have a Problem! (No card today - just ramblings)

My name is Sofia, and I am completely addicted to buying crafts supplies online.

Phew! What a load off my shoulders. 

I've always been one to over-think and over-analyse everything I do, and every purchase I make. When at Uni  (UAS) we first learned about SWOT-analyses, I found myself going through all Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats - even when buying milk. "What makes this brand stronger than that other one, what do I gain or lose by buying this particular brand?" I was making myself crazy. In more recent years I've gotten past that to the point that I only analyse what I'm buying if the value exceeds about 20-50 euros. 

I try to craft "on the cheap", so I like using recycled or repurposed materials. My first splurge was to buy the Distress Markers. I bought them used, but it was still quite a large sum to dish out on something I've never even tried before. Then I found the youtube videos by "TheFrugalCrafter" and boy, did these markers make sense after that! I learned how to refill them, using just some reinker, water, glycerin and gum arabic. Plus, since I had to buy all those, I also made a spraybottle with just water and glycerin - to use as a refresher if my ink pads (waterbased) start feeling dry! So hey, now I can save a few euros here and there, not really having to replace markers until the nibs on them have to be replaced.. 

(Let's not mention that the gum arabic was about 10€, glycerin bottles were 3.20€ each, I bought 2 to be safe, and spent another 30€ on stamps and tape! Plus of course driving around town trying to find gum arabic somewhere - and spending 20€ on some design paper, cardstock and a couple acrylic blocks at a bookstore that didn't end up having the gum arabic that I was going in there to buy.)

A crafter on the Finnish forums told me how she uses glycerin for sponging with Distress Inks as well, and the result is just so much smoother! Yay, another use for it! I also found a tutorial how to mix gum arabic, water and mica powder to make your own shimmer mist. 

Now, I have never felt the need to buy any shimmer mists - I like the look, don't get me wrong, but it hasn't been something I *have to have*. What did I do now? Since I already have gum arabic, why not try making my own shimmer mists - so off I went to Joanna Sheen and ordered 12 jars of Mica. (!!!) And since I was there anyway, might as well buy a template to make a special card for a special friend who's getting married this summer. 

I had actually been thinking about the card template and Micas for a few days, and had already decided that no, I won't buy them this time - I can come up with something else for the wedding card. Well, I still ordered them. And since I'm buying the Micas and there are 12 of them, and I really don't have any idea what to do with them other than the mist, then I have to buy more small spray/mist bottles. Thank god we have a Tiger store in our town - I found some cheap spray bottles there, 3 for 2€ - and they're only a little bit smaller than the Ranger Inkssentials misters :D

Of course, I still need to get a Walnut Stain reinker, but after that I'm pretty much done shopping for a while. Until, of course, I hear whether a Finnish store will be able/allowed to get the Misti...

Hope you have a nice day, and thank you so much if you've managed to make it to the end of my ramblings ;)



  1. I like reading your ramblings...I seem to do more of that on my blog too these days! smile.
    Also, like you, I am trying very hard these days NOT to buy a lot more stuff! My craft room is over flowing...and I would have to live to be 150 till I could use it all up. Yes, I have given a lot of it away. So hopefully, others will make use of what I can't!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jill :) I don't really have *tons* of stuff compared to those who really have the space for a separate crafting space - I have half of a high cupboard, a post-sorting shelf, a few boxes under the bed and half an ikea desk overflowing with my stuff, and I definitely wouldn't need to buy anything at all unless I first make a dent in the stuff that I already have.. But still, I went and bought 2 of the new Gorjuss girls again - and I really should see if I could find the teacup one at the bookstore too - lol! I have a seriois problem! Last year I could go for months without buying anything, but this year I bought a few items and my inspiration just flourished, so I'm fooling myself to believe I need new stuff to create more :)

  2. I think this addiction is rampant among all of us, Sofia. It's just so easy to order online any more and companies do have some really serious sales that you can't pass up! I find I tend to get a little out of control with buying when I've become a little bored or stagnant. Getting new stuff gets the juices flowing, which is perfectly all right to do as long as it is within one's budget!

    When I first started out over a dozen years ago, I bought just about everything second hand or "made do" with using cheaper alternatives of everything from paper to ink. Now, looking back, I wish I had concentrated more on the essentials of card making and spent my money on new and proven brands, even though they cost more. In the end, I realized it "cost" me more in terms of all the running around time and the mental time spent over-thinking everything, and the time it took to figure out ways to "make" things mesh together on my cards.

    If there is a style or a technique that you are in love with, give yourself permission to get what your card heroes are using. Just like with clothes, the quality products do last longer and you can get right down to creating! I'm talking about the basics like inks and brushes and paper, not embellies which can be used or less expensive.

    It also helps to know that because your interests will evolve over time, you should be able to resell what you are no longer interested in/using. Try to keep packaging and keep things in good shape so that you can either resell or give things away. Then when you move on to the next evolution - and buying - you won't feel guilty!

    That's my two cents which you didn't ask for, but you know me, I give it anyway!! Keep in touch! I'm finally getting a chance to introduce you on my post tomorrow! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Came over from Darnell's blog to give you a warm welcome in blogland!
    I agree with Darnell - we are all addicted and it's hard to stop buying when then stores come out with more amazing stuff and/or have an irresistible sale! But then there are worse addictions, right?
    I'm intrigued about the glycerin and distress inks? How does that work?

  4. Welcome to blog land. I came from Darnell's blog. I don't think you are alone in your addiction - unless you count the fact you can admit to it most of us probably don't! Your cards are amazing. Enjoy the journey.

  5. I stopped in from Darnell's blog, also. Welcome to the Buyers' Club!