Thursday, April 2, 2015

Roses and changed plans

Good morning!

Wow, what a headache - trying to set up a meeting between myself and 4 very busy ladies, ugh! Anyway..

I promised to share the card that went with the Pringles-gift-box from yesterday, and without further ado...

As you can see, the theme is the same: ripped pages of 1984 and roses in pink, white and - well - 1984 again :)

The pink piece is actually a napkin that I've ironed on a piece of paper with a layer on gladwrap in between! I just love not being limited to just using papers with pretty prints, but can also buy these cute different paper-napkins to make into my own, velvet-y design paper. A little Distress around the edges, a few half-pearls, some strips of paper and a 'congratulations'-sentiment and voilĂ !

As for the card for the granddaughter? She's this amazingly sweet, petite, exceedingly smart, blonde ballerina. And so who would fit the bill better than Saturated Canary's Honey!

***I apologise for the pictures, I was in such a hurry having to make the tube and 3 cards all within a few days that I completely forgot to take pictures of the cards at home - so I just barely had time to snap a few, over my parents' kitchen table, in horrible lighting, and since they were going on a trip the whole apartment was a practical mess (didn't want to capture that in the background - instead, you get my feet)..***

Ok, so my beloved Honey, all stamped up on some Canson Imagine, and coloured up with my Distress Markers! Now, to be fair, this is my 6th ever colouring with the DMs. I think it's decent but it's not my best work, and the hair was actually deeper in real life. The skirt got a wash of Frosted Lace Stickles (it'll do for now, but really have to invest in some Wink of Stella). The pink panel is the same napkin-paper as before, the gems are from different local department stores and the flowers - I think they're some sort of mulberry paper, and kind of cherry-blossom-y, but they are just so cute!

Simple as ever, but wanted Honey to stand out in all her pink-ness!

Now my wonderful me-time yesterday, that I was supposed to spend with my DMs? Just as I was getting out my pens the dog starts barking - post has arrived. And in it, were my brand new Spellbinders Dies! I am so addicted to all kinds of spiral flowers, and I just sat rolling them up and practising until I had to pick up my son again. Now that I've had some time to look into them, I realised I did part of them wrong, but going to have another play now! Might even share some of them - if nothing else, they will definitely be put on cards in the near future :)

Hope you have an amazing and crafty day!


  1. Sofia, both your cards are wonderful. You did a great job coloring your pretty Ballerina card! I bet your granddaughter loved it.
    You are reminding me to get out the paper napkins that I purchased at the craft show last weekend...(with the intention of making cards with them).

    I think it always makes a gift even more special when you can make a matching card to go along with it.

    1. Thanks again Jill, been off from the PC for Easter, and apparently commenting doesn't always work from phone :( And the ballerina was my mum's best friend's granddaughter - but yes, it was very well received :) Now off to see what's been happening in blogland :)

  2. What fun designs and colors.

    Hugs Diane