Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crafty presents - with recycling

Hi there,

Last weekend my parents helped organise a surprise-party for a family friend, and my mum asked me to recycle a Pringles-tube for a gift-box. (No, she didn't come up with the idea - I had made her one almost a year before! And I didn't think of the idea either - found it on a facebook recycling group.)

Now, to be perfectly honest - my mum asked me to make one sometime last summer, right? I had told her that it wasn't a project you do just like that, it takes time, it's a bit difficult to get the lid to sit right, etc.. And when did I start the project? About 6 days before parents had to leave for the party.. Procrastinate much?

And some details:

Aren't the roses adorable?

Ok, so this is as far away from my comfort zone as I can get! I loved making it, but not a single piece of it is a decision that I was sure about, if you understand what I mean?

So, what I did (in all it's simplicity), I drew a rectangle on the side of the tube and cut it out using a carpet knife. The inside of the tube can be a bit greasy, so I cleaned that off (babywipes, use them for way too much!) and then coated it all with some white acrylic paint. 

Next step was coating the whole thing with bits of paper - I have an old copy of 1984 that I've cut up to use in crafts. Ripped the pages into fairly small bits, mixed some PVA glue with water and glued the pages onto the tube with it. I used some Walnut Stain and Frayed Burlap Distress Ink to ink up the edges - I could've gone a bit darker with the ink, but wanted it to be sort of neutral.

The dies I've used here are Sizzix Doily & Doily Border (658947), and a Marianne Design Creatables die (LR0162), which is an absolute favourite of mine - it's the one used for the roses!

I was happy to hear, that the gift-box had been a huge success, and noone realised at first glance that it was a familiar shape :)

Tomorrow I will return, and share the card that went with this gift-box, and I might throw in another card as well - one that went to the granddaughter of the new owner of this box.

Now, I'm going to get out my Distress Markers and Inks, and colour for a bit! Oo, did I tell you? I decided to splurge and ordered myself the missing seasonal and 2015 special editions too! I will probably get them all just in time to see Mr. Holtz release the new April colour - which again will be something I have to get!



  1. Sofia, this is so beautifully done! I have a Pringles tube sitting in my craft room right now. (Don't ask me how long! smile) No-one procrastinates like I do...and probably not as slow at crafting as I am.
    But I definitely need to get a another look at my Pringles container to see if I can come up with something at least get it out of my craft room if nothing else...LOL

    1. Thank you Jill, and huuuuuge-huge thank you for the mention in yesterday's post! I was so touched!
      You should try this, it's really fun and works well as a "trinket-box" or as a gift :) and it's a challenge decorating something that isn't square and flat (at least for me *wink*)!