Monday, March 30, 2015

A short introduction

What can I say? I was in such a hurry yesterday to get the first post out, that all my manners just flew out the window! It's really difficult to think of a way to introduce myself, especially in this virtual world :)

Well, my name is Sofia and I'm a craftoholic? Cardoholic? Nah, I love crafts and my craft of choice is making cards. I have also spiffed up a Pringles-tube or 2. Basically, I love papercrafts.

I'm Finnish, which makes my language of choice for the blog a little odd, I suppose, but since my crafting vocabulary is made up of what I've read in blogs and seen on youtube (let's not forget Pinterest!), I can manage producing text that's a lot more coherent this way. I mean, I'd still be using about 50% English anyway ;)

I'm a member in a bunch of different Finnish papercrafting communities on Facebook, and learned a lot from those fantastic ladies! Plus, basically, they've been real supportive when I've brought up the want of having my own blog :) <3

When I was expecting my son I was really into crocheting, around 2010. Through meeting a new friend in 2012 I was introduced to 3D origami, and through that I got into regular origami and kirigami! Then, spring of 2013, I happened to see a Vagabond in a brochure, and decided to research it.. I found the Big Shot, I found ebay, found a cheap starter pack from Germany, and away I went! So I made my first cards for easter 2013 :) And where most crafters work up to buying the Big Shot - for me that was where it started!

I also do some colouring - for now focusing on Promarkers and Distress Markers. The Promarker craze started last summer, and I've had the 37-set of Distress Markers for about 2 weeks now and I - LOVE - THEM!

Well, as previously stated - I live in Finland and here's the view out of my window today:

"Dear Weather, April Fool's is still 2 days away!!"

Lots of love,


  1. Hi Sofia, nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog...and as you can see I'm your new follower! Your card is so pretty that I want to see more and I hope you are now encouraged to post some more. Welcome to blogland! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Jill

    1. Very pleased to meet you too, Jill! And thank you for following me back :) And thanks for the encouragement - I have a couple cards to share, and will start scribbling something here for them today :) Then, as I have some extra me-time today I plan on getting all inky and colour for a while, and probably share that tomorrow :) /Sofia